2-axle tractor with 3-axle-mega-semitrailer
Length:13,6 m bzw 13,50 m (+ 7,20 m) 20,7 m
Width:2,55 m
Height:1,00 m bzw. 0,95 m
Payload:24 to bzw. ca. 30 to
Weight:8.1 to bzw. 10.8 to
2-axle/3-axle tractor with 4-axle tarpaulin-covered semi trailer
Length:12,50 m mit Schwanenhals
Width:2,45 m – 4,50 m
Height:0,80 m
Payload:38 to
Weight:10 to
2/3-axle tractor with 3-axle heavy cargo semi trailer
Length:13,5 m
Width:2,55 m
Height:1,50 / 1,55 m
Payload:ca. 35 to
Weight:8 to
3-axle/4-axle tractor with 4-axle telescopic semi trailer
Length:13.60 m (+1x 7,70 m +1x 7,30 m) 28,6 m
Width:2,50 m
Height:1,45 m
Payload:ca. 40 to
Weight:13.82 to
3 Axes Flatbed
Length:8,00 - 13,00 m
Width:2,75 m
Height:0,30 m
Payload:33 to
Weight:20 to
3-axle tractor with 3-axle semi trailer 2xtelescopic
Length:13.10 m (+1x 14,5 m +1x 7,25 m) 34,85 m
Width:2,48 m
Height:1,47 m
Payload:max. 35 to
Weight:12.5 to
3-axle tractor with 3-axle low bed
Length:8,50 m/9.00m // 14m/14,90m
Width:2,55 m // 2,55 m
Height:0,95 m // 0,85 m
Payload:30.5 to // 36.3 to
Weight:11 to // 9 to
3-axle/4-axle tractor with 4-axle low bed
Length:8,80 m (+ 6,30 m teleskopierbar)
Width:2,55 m (verbreiterbar auf 3,00 m)
Height:0,80 m
Payload:41.46 to
Weight:11.5 to
3-axle/4-axle tractor with 4-axle low bed
Length:7,60 m – 12,60 m erweiterbar auf 16,60 m durch 4m Verlängerungsträger
Width:2,75 m (verbreiterbar auf 3,20 m)
Height: 0,30 m
Payload:41.1 to
Weight:21,9 to
3-axle/4-axle tractor with 6-axle low bed
Length:12,00 m (+ 8,60 m + 8,45 m teleskopierbar)
Width:2,74 m
Height:0,80 m
Payload:max. 47.5 to
Weight:19.5 to
3-axle/4-axle tractor with 6-axle low bed
Length:8,80 – 15,10 m
Width:2,55 m (verbreiterbar auf ca. 3,00 m)
Height:0,90 m
Payload:max. 70.86 to
Weight:14.14 to
3-axle/4-axle tractor with 4 axle low bed 2xtelescopic
Length:16 m ( + 16,5 m teleskopierbar)
Width:2,55 m
Height:0,93 m
Payload:48 to
Weight:17 to
3-axle/4-axle tractor with 4 axle low bed 2xtelescopic
Length:16.80 m (+ 3x 10,6 m) 48,6 m
Width:2,50 m
Height:1,28 m (1,56 m)
Payload:ca. 50 to
Weight:19.2 to
4-axle tractor with 10-axle low bed
Length:16,50 (+ 8,00 m) – 24,50 m
Width:2,75 m (verbreiterbar auf ca. 3,20 m)
Height:1,08 m (+/- 200 mm)
Payload:93 to bzw. 107.5 to
Weight:31.9 to
4-axle tractor with 2-axle power-unit and 4-axle low bed
Length:5,75 – 14,00 m
Width:2,75 m
Height:0,45 – 0,50 m
Payload:max. 67 to
Weight:27.5 to
4-axle tractor with 8-axle low bed, 2xtelescopic
Length:13 (+ 9,60 m + 9,45 m) – 32,05 m
Width:2,75 m
Height:1,05 m (+/- 130 mm)
Payload:80 to
Weight:29 to
6-axle VARIOMAX (2+4) low bed
Length:8 -> 13 m
Width:2,75 m
Height:0,45 m
Payload:ca. 66.5 to
Weight:ca. 23 to
7-axle low bed
Length:10,77 - 17,77 m
Width:2,55 m (max. 3,00 m)
Height:0,80 m
Payload:62 to
Weight:16 to

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